Monday, March 24, 2008

GOP Nominee Will Raise Gas Prices 30%


While John McCain may be the GOP nominee for President, at times he seems more like the standard-bearer for the other side, hardly the kind of man that Republicans should want in the White House.

As the media lunges over each other, abandoning all else in hopes of joining the Clinton-Obama catfight, they have given John McCain exactly what he wants most; an almost total lack of coverage. The internet is still not quite the alternative news source that it is cracked up to be, as many Americans, like it or not, still get their daily news from traditional media outlets

Among these are many Republicans, who, because of the lack of coverage McCain gets, are somewhat out of the loop concerning his more liberal side, which he, of course, has taken great pains not to put on display.

McCain, who has been called a "mainstream conservative" by former GOP nominee Bob Dole of long and unhappy memory, has shown himself to be far to the left of the Democrats when it comes to the issue of energy.

Americans now pay record prices for gas, but should expect no help from John McCain. In fact, Sen. McCain thinks that Americans should be paying more for gas--a lot more. According to National Review, John McCain's energy tax plan would immediately increase gasoline prices by thirty cents. The tax, of course, would go up with each passing year, and would have a dramatic effect not only on the cost of gas, but upon the goods and services that we buy, as companies would be forced to spend more on fuel to ship their goods to the marketplace.

John McCain's plan of higher taxes and more government regulations could have been taken out of any Democratic playbook and the hurtful effect it will have on ordinary Americans will be no different. McCain will continue with his spin and will leave dirty details like his tax increase under the rug until he has been elected. By then it will be too late.

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