Friday, March 21, 2008

Saying Goodbye: Iraq War Destroys US Economy


One's imagination is deeply befuddled by the recent Chinese incursion into Tibet and the lack of reaction by western leaders that it has brought. As the trigger-happy Chinese army continues to round up and shoot Tibetan protesters, our Republican President Bush, has only further expressed his commitment to attending the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing this August.

"The president's position about the Olympics has been that this is not a political event but a chance for athletes to compete at the top of their class, " said presidential spokeswoman Dana Perino when asked whether the president would rethink his plans to go to this summer's Olympics after the recent riot in Tibet.

She added that Bush's position is "that this should be about the athletes and not necessarily about politics."

The level of indifference and unconcern show by our President towards the plight of the Tibetans is astonishing. President Bush, who once said that "there is no justice without freedom," condones the exact opposite behavior when shown by the Chinese.

However, this double-standard is all the more explainable when placed under the light of our current foreign policy that requires us to borrow massive amounts of money from China and Japan in order to finance adventures such as the Iraq war which, we otherwise could not afford.

As we are kept bogged down in Iraq and beholden to foreign investors, our economy continues to suffer. The war, once billed as smething that would virtually pay for itself through increased Iraqi oil exports, has cost us close to 3 trillion dollars. All the while, Iraq's oil production, once one of the largest in the world has now come to a near standstill.

Since our arrival in Iraq, the price of oil has more than tripled from $30 to $105. Coupled with the loss of production in Iraq, the increased price burden, of which American foreign policy plays no small part, is, of course, passed on the customer at the pump. Gas is now at $3.50 a gallon and is looking to go up, as our war in Iraq drags on and on with no end in sight.

Allegiance to President Bush, once considered essential for a "good Republican," has led America to a terrible place of moral hypocrisy. We now condone communist dictatorships in order to borrow money to pay for wars that drive up the price of oil, which increases the cost of living for consumers, and has led to many U.S. companies being forced to accept foreign bailouts due to lack of liquid capital.

We borrow from dictatorships in order to fight a "war on terror," which has only created more terrorists, and is driving up the cost of living beyond the burden that most Americans can afford. As China exhibits the very behavior that the President Bush claims we invaded Iraq to stop, one has to wonder; what is the point of borrowing from China in order to eliminate Saddam, when we must condone behavior from China that we wanted to eliminate in Iraq? Something is not right.

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Jeff said...

I'm stunned. A self described GOP member that actually sees reality. I mean no slight and offer my humble thanks. What can we do to together to bring the rest of the nation to their senses.