Saturday, March 15, 2008

GOP Profile: Send BJ Lawson To Congress!

GOP Congressional candidate BJ Lawson and family.

Congressman Ron Paul ran a tremendous Presidential campaign last year which energized millions with his simple, yet profound message of freedom, peace, and prosperity. Emboldened by his message, a number of men have started campaigns to run for their local congressional seats. One of these men is BJ Lawson, who is running on a traditional Republican platform against liberal Democrat David Price, in North Carolina's 4th congressional district.

I encourage you to visit Mr. Lawson's website to learn more about him and his stand on the issues. Here is an interesting paragraph:

My name is B.J. Lawson, and I am running for Congress as a Republican to
restore a Constitutional federal government. Washington must balance its budget,
stop serving corporate interests, and allow us to prosper as free,
entrepreneurial Americans instead of dividing us into special interest groups
that fight each other for government handouts.

Big government inevitably becomes a tool for corporate and special
interests instead of a guardian of individual liberty. Today, big government has
given us significant problems: rising food prices, jobs going overseas, illegal
immigration, porous borders, failing education, war and occupation, foreign oil
addiction, unsustainable entitlement spending, and a crushing debt burden. Since
our bloated bureaucracy caused these problems, more bureaucracy cannot solve
them. Instead, we need a smaller federal government that is focused on its
Constitutional responsibilities.

It's time for us to come together as free Americans and restore prosperity
and liberty. While we are in a challenging position, we can change our direction
by realizing our future success does not come from begging a bankrupt federal
government for help. Our success as America comes from your potential as a free
American to help yourself, and your fellow citizens. Freedom isn't free — it
requires a lot of hard work. But liberty is priceless.

Mr. Lawson should be commended for recognizing and fighting against the disastrous policies of our current president, who has stood against everything traditional Republicans believe in. We need Republicans like BJ Lawson who will fight against big government, and the pointless foreign war in Iraq that is de-valuing our money and destroying our standing in the world.

Please be sure to support Mr. Lawson with as generous a financial contribution as your means will allow. I will be frequently highlighting worthy GOP candidates in the next few months and hope that you will join me in supporting them.

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GarlandR said...

Thanks for blogging about B.J. and the campaign!

Garland Ragland
Volunteer Coordinator
Lawson for Congress