Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Spitzer's Demise--A Sign from God?

THE STARTLING NEWS that our gimlet-eyed governor is about to resign or be impeached, whatever comes first, could not have come at a more fortuitous moment. Poised to ram his new abortion bill through the NY State Assembly, Eliot Spitzer's star has fallen precipitiously instead, in sudden and dramatic fashion.

Hailed by Time last year as 'Crusader of the Year' for promising to end government corruption in Albany, the unfortunate former NY District Attorney has been caught in his own high-profile scandal, apparently one of several clients in a swanky prostitution network.

Despite the pain this must be causing his wife and family, this is an astonishing breakthrough for New York pro-life Catholics, who have been planning for several weeks to travel en masse to Albany today to oppose Spitzer's radical Reproductive Health and Privacy Protection bill, which has been described as attempting to establish a "right" to abortion in NY beyond what was established in Roe v. Wade, and if passed, would have forced Catholic hospitals to perform abortions.

The implications of this proposed bill are so frightening, in fact, that the normally passive NY Catholic Conference of Bishops has actually been stirred into action against it. As Dennis Poust, director of communications for the conference, explained, "We generally don’t prioritize our issues, but this bill is so repugnant that we have no choice but to go out in force on it."

Cardinal Egan and the NY Bishops decided a month ago that March 11 would be Public Policy Day, and an intense public information campaign began, educating NY Catholics on the disastrous ramifications of the proposed RHAPP bill. In our diocese, the Respect Life Office created an informative DVD explaining the bill and describing it as "misguided, immoral, and radical," strong words rarely heard in official Catholic statements. Released on YouTube, the DVD has been quite successful, with over 10,000 views to date already. Click here to see it for yourself.

After a final week of seminars and workshops, with 7,000 Catholic parishioners from our diocese alone signed up with the Advocay Network, the buses rolled off Long Island early this morning, on their way to Albany to join Cardinal Egan and his fellow bishops on their inspiring crusade.

It is truly heartwarming to see such definitive moral leadership from our bishops. Spitzer's calamitous demise on the very day the Bishops planned to protest his bill is surely all the proof needed that God will bless their efforts in remarkable ways if the Catholic bishops will only gather their people and take up again the banner of true Catholic activism, so long absent from the public square.

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