Monday, April 7, 2008

Bob Barr Offers Conservative Alternative To McCain

Former Comgressman Bob Bar (R-GA)

Those who are fed up with the liberal John McCain and disgusted by the lack of a conservative candidate in the race have at last found an answer. Former Republican Congressman Bob Barr (R-GA) has decided to take up a run for President.

Barr was appointed as U.S. attorney for the northern district of Georgia in 1986, and has spent a lifetime supporting conservative causes, serving on the board of the N.R.A. and the American Conservative Union. He has worked closely throghout his career with colleagues including famed conservative leaders Paul Weyrich and Grover Norquist, as well as the noted conservative activist Richard Viguerie.

As a Congressman, Bob Barr held a lifetime rating of 98 from the American Conservative Union, which is higher than the last two Republican House leaders, Tom Delay and John Boehner, who could hardly be called "liberal" themselves.

Congressman Barr also has a higher lifetime rating from the A.C.U. than the Republican nomineee for president, John McCain. His rating from the National Right to Life Committee is also substantially higher.

Barr is running as a libertarian after rightly leaving the Republican party in protest over the massive expansion of the Federal Government that has occurred since President Bush took office. This is from his campaign website:

"Government spending at all levels is out of control. Most Americans understand the problem of “earmarks,” commonly used by pork-minded congressmen to buy votes. But while earmarks are an outrageous abuse of the taxpayer’s money, they account for a very small percentage of federal spending. Over the past decade, total government spending (state, local and federal) has increased from $2.9 trillion to an astonishing $5.1 trillion in 2008. The $3.1 trillion federal budget submitted by President Bush for next year was greater than the combined 1998 spending of the federal government, all 50 states and over 87,000 local governments."

While John McCain rightly condemns "earmarks" and has vowed to eliminate them, he has not taken it upon himself to mention that they make up a miniscule portion of the Federal budget (0.75 of 1 percent) and that much deeper spending cuts need to happen (as Bob Barr has said) before the Feds can finally solve their fiscal problem.

You may be asking yourself, "Wouldn't voting for Bob Barr be like letting the Democrats win?" Perhaps, but if the Republicans won, would they be that much different? Even Rush Limbaugh, hardly someone known for breaking loyalty with the GOP, has said that a President McCain would mean a return to the days of liberal Republicans like Jerry Ford and Nelson Rockfeller, hardly a golden era for conservatives.

If John McCain manages to become President, the next Republican nominee after him will only be more liberal. Conservatives need to make a stand for what they believe in, even if that does mean breaking with the party and letting a Democrat win the White House.


mike volpe said...

You have got to be kidding me. The only thing Bob Barr offers is enough votes to put the Dem in the White House. Bob Barr is an unaccomplished legislator who hasn't been in politics in years.

Labels are dicey but calling McCain a liberal is frankly twisting his ideology beyond all recognition.

Anonymous said...

I have mixed feelings about Mr. Barr. I have heard him speak back in the 90s and I believe him to be a true mainstream Conservative for the most part. I probably agree with him on more issues than I do with Mr. McCain. Although, I have to research it further.

However, Mr. McCain is still more Conservative than he is Liberal and he is certainly more Conservative than Mr. Obama and I fear a vote for Mr. Barr might indirectly help Mr. Obama win the White House. On the other hand, I am glad that Conservatives who cannot vote for Mr. McCain will vote for Mr. Barr instead of staying home.

It is bad enough to lose the White House, but it would be worse if Conservatives down the ballot lose because some Conservatives stay home in November. So while I still ask Conservatives to hold their noses if they must, but vote GOP, a vote for Mr. Barr is better than staying home.


Peter said...

Voting for McCain will just mean a continuation of big-government Republicanism. Why should conservatives be obligated to continue something like that?

Bush raised the Federal budget by 50 PERCENT in his eight years in office and McCain has pledged to more of the same. Do you want that to continue, Ohio Joe?

mike volpe said...

I don't know where you get that McCain will be more of the same of big government conservatism from McCain. McCain has long been a champion against big government.

Barr is not a viable candidate. Vote for whomever you want however a vote for Barr is nothing more than a wasted vote.

Anonymous said...

True conservatives should vote for Bob Barr. Government spending is out of control under Bush. McCain supports the Big Government policies of Bush. It's time to send a message to both parties to get back to true conservative values.

Peter said...

Mike Volpe,

How is voting for someone who wants to reduce taxes and the size of government a "wasted vote?"

foutsc said...

The alternative this offers is to drive off a cliff. Bob Barr is a good man, but he cannot win. To paraphrase Ronald Reagan, you can go off the cliff with flags flying, but you're still going off the cliff.
By ACU standards, McCain is an 82% conservative versus a 10-12% conservative in Hillary or Obama, so it't time to stop echoing the lie that there is no difference.
I wouldn't put too much stake in El Rushbo's political advice. He is rich enough to insulate himself from the effects of a complete democratic takeover. I am not. I am voting for McCain.

Anonymous said...

The only way that the leaders of the Republican Party will ever change their present course of unlimited expansion of government is if the price they have to pay makes continuing that course too painful.

In other words, it is precisely their defeat this November that will force them to repudiate the outrageous big-government policies they have foisted on us these past eight years.

To those who say McCain is not another big-government Republican, I ask, What part of the $3.1 trillion federal leviathan has he promised to cut?

There is some truth in the old adage, "Better dead than red."
In this case it would be far better to be a minority party that knows what it believes rather than be whistling Dixie while we are being led down the path to socialism or fascism.


Anney said...

Conservatives should be grateful that, in a year that looks abysmal for Republican candidates generally, we actually have a fighting chance to win the White House again while the two Democratic candidates continue to air their dirty laundry.

People may disagree with McCain on various issues (I agree with Mike Volpe that labels are dicey), but calling him a liberal no different from Clinton or Obama is wild hyperbole.

How best to stay true to conservative principles is a prudential matter that reasonable people can disagree over. But, to me, a vote for Bob Barr, who has no chance of winning the Presidency, is, in practice, if not theory, a vote for the Democrats.

That's one more vote for a candidate who will be emphatically pro-choice, anti-trade, anti-national security, and big government in all the wrong ways. 8+ years of exile to the wilderness (could we even undo that kind of damage?) is too high a price to pay to "teach" the national GOP a so-called lesson.

If you want to promote "true" conservative candidates, better to focus on the local, state, and federal legislative levels (Ohio Joe hit it on the nail there) and work for a more plentiful and reliable source of future presidential candidates.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to wait and watch. If Barr does well at getting his message out and getting in on the debates, I could be persuaded to vote for him. The Republican Party needs to get its act together and it won't as long as we keep complying with everything they tell us to do. I'm worried, though, that we won't be able to survive a Democratic Presidency. This country is teetering on the edge of something. I hope it's not disaster!

mike volpe said...

Lot's of people want to reduce government spending and waste. Bob Barr has less chance of being President than I have of dating Carmen Electra. Thus, it is a wasted vote.

I want to end wasted and reduce the size of government. If that is your entire platform for earning your vote, then you can just as easily vote for me, and frankly, I have about as much chance of winning as Bob Barr.

StormWarning said...

A vote for Bob Barr is a vote for Clinton/Obama, or is that Obama/Clinton. They're so wrong for America. Frankly, the very idea of Bob Barr is wrong.

Anonymous said...

I would vote for Bob Barr over McCain only if McCain has a liberal like Romney as his VP candidate. Romney was rated as a RINO and the 7th most liberal elected Republican official in the U.S. by Human Events in 2005. The Republican Party cannot turn out to be another liberal party.

Anonymous said...

Bob Barr is far more conservative than McCain. If we do what the GOP wants and vote for McCain we will only help drag the aprty away from conservatism and make successive nominees far more liberal.

Good for Bob Barr.

General Order24 said...

This is too pathetic. Why do all of these losers show up just in time to run for president. You want to impress me, work at the grass roots level. Dig in in 2009 and work to change the party or get people elected at the local level for your third party alternative. This is nothing more than a chance for this guy to get a spotlight on himself, and anyone who votes for him is just as pathetic as he is.

I used to like you Bob Barr - now please go to hell.

DR said...

Voting your conscience is never a wasted vote. It is also not a vote for Hillary or Obama; it is simply a vote for where you think the country should go.

The only way Congressman Barr is not electable is if concerned citizens continue to complain and do nothing about it. The Republican Party has sold us all out. Open Primaries have given us John McCain and after the trouncing the Party took in 2006 they responded by putting RINO's right back into all the leadership positions.

I have tried to convince myself to support McCain for the sake of the Supreme Court and to vote against Obama or Hillary, but the truth is this would do nothing more than encourage the Party to continue their liberal course. John McCain would also take it as confirmation that he was right to stab our Party in the back repeatedly.

I think the best thing for our Party is probably going to be losing this year and cleaning house. We should support every Conservative on the ballot this year, but we do nothing but hurt this Republic if we continue to support Socialists and Liberals just because they have an "R" at the end of their name.

In two years the Senate seats that will be up favor the Republican Party. It would be a great opportunity to take back both houses of Congress.

The only question that remains is will people continue to support the same "sell out" candidates or are they willing to support real Conservatives and actually work to get them elected instead of just whining about it and going with the flow?

Bill Sjem said...

McCain is the only nominee in over 30 years who won with under 50% of the vote. this occured due to his liberal positions. the fear is that conservatives will stay at home and we will lose sometraditionally conservative districts in the house for good, such as NY 19 and senate seats. A conservative laternate in November will bring conservatives to the polls, therefore, voting GOP for the house and senate, and our future for the state level as well.

Bob Barr or anyone for that matter will stregthen our position as conservatives. I'd rather have a a strong consrevative voice in the house in oppostition and a fillibuster conservative senate, and a GOP going right and pricipled with a liberal democrat in the presidency. That is better long term. Without Carter there is no Reagan.If McCain wins the GOP in congress will go along and we will further lose our principles and he will destroy the conservative movement. You take away his military service, his campaign would have died years ago.

I hope we have aan alternate to McCain , as of now its Barr.

GO Barr

Anonymous said...

The arrogance of the Republican elite that use conservatives for the sake of the only thing they care about, power, needs to be checked at some point.

There is no Easter without Good Friday, and we would not have had Reagan without Jimmy Carter. I would just suggest that we wait a couple of weeks for the Constitution Party to present their nominee before rallying around a conservative alternative.

Anonymous said...

I think Barr is a fine choice.

John McCain is a disgrace. How far has the GOP fallen to have chosen him as the Presidential Candidate?? As recently as 4 years ago he didn't even want to be a Republican and considered running as John Kerry's VP!

If he was willing to stab the party in the back while in the Senate, I can image the ax he'll weld against fellow Republicans (not his buddies, the Democrats) if he's President.

The Republican party has moved to the left over GWB's term and John McCain will continue it.

I'd rather vote for Bob Barr and keep conservative principles intact then vote for Hillary & Uncle Teddy's buddy pal. :(

If true conservatives listen to all the drivel about wasting votes, we'll wake up one day and will not even recognize the party. If Republicans want to behave like liberals, fine. Just don't call it conservatism.

I'm not going to vote for a liberal, even one with a (R)next to his name.

MaryF said...

I think what must be considered here is the possibility of an Obama White House. A complete neophyte, manipulated by the extreme left wing of the Democratic Party, would do serious damage to the country. While a vote for Bob Barr would make a statement, it diminishes the possibility that John McCain will win. We can't do a thing if we lose.

Radiant Times said...

The Republican Establishment did everything wrong in this election cycle, and now we have McCain. How could the party have chosen someone who is 'conservative' 8 days out of ten and the other two are spent sitting in Kennedy's lap, figuratively? The Republican party has disenfranchised it's base and lost it's moral footing.

"Conservative" leaders chose unwisely when they supported flip flipping conservative of convenience Romney and sleepy Thompson. Huckabee was the best choice for conservatives but he was maligned by talk radio and Fox news pundits. Now we have three Democrats in the running (outside of Barr), and our best option is to hold our noses as we vote because Obama and Clinton are both terribly weak, inexperienced, and far left in their views. Its disappointing.

StormWarning said...

Once and for all! The Republican party is not reserved for people who call themselves "conservatives."

It may be the time for the “social conservative” wing of the Republican party to wake up and realize that the so-called “conservative agenda” (with all of that “values” stuff) is not shared by all Republicans, and does not represent the mainstream of the Republican electorate. And that those who do not share your views of the “conservative agenda” or your image of the Republican party are not “rhinos” but actually people who believe in principles of small(er) government, strong national and homeland defense, elimination of the inheritance tax, encouragement of entrepreneurship and innovation and other “radical ideas”…but simply do not share those religious views that have so overtly been foisted upon the rest of us? MORE? I believe that Republicans have to exist without the Christian conservative social agenda. In the marketing world, we would call that a segmented marketplace (too small for any real traction). Right now, they’re just screaming loudly. They might quiet down eventually…or maybe not.

Anonymous said...

While it is true that the GOP is not reserved for Conservatives and many Republicans are not Conservative, the fact remains that the majority of the party's grassroots actually support the majority of what we know as traditional conservative values.


Stormwarning said...

Well, I think that you have to tell all of the conservatives that they don't own the Republican party! I'm a Republican (certainly not a Democrat). But, I am pro-Choice (the gov't doesn't have the right). I am pro-2nd Amendment (the gov't gave us the right, yet I am currently unarmed). I am for smaller government (except when it comes to specific earmarks - mine). I am a homeland and national security hawk. I am a border security, pro-wall hawk. I am not a conservative. But I'm not a liberal. Having Barr run for office only satisfies the marginal wing of the Republican party that wasn't horrified by the gov't intervention in the Terri Schiavo travesty.

We are overtaxed, over-regulated and under-defended.

Next question.

Anonymous said...

I agree with much of what you say, but I have no problem with the government intervention when it comes to saving lives. Like all of us, Terri Schiavo deserved the right to food. We cannot pick and choose which Americans deserves to live. Mrs. Schiavo was a human being and an innocent member of our society and as such, she did not deserve to die.


Stormwarning said...

And you see, on the Shiavo case, that is where we disagree.

Anonymous said...


You seem a little too one-sided to be pro-choise to me.

Peter said...

COnservatives are not obligated to vote for liberals like McCain just because they have an R at the end of their name.

Perhaps we need to lose to purge the party of people like McCain who have been responsible for dragging us down.

Anonymous said...

John McCain sucks. He is a Democrat. Anyone stupid enough to put frosting on hog manure deserves to eat it.

There is no difference between McCain, Obama and Clinton. You are an absolute moron to believe otherwise. Research the jerk and you will see McCain is nothing but a socialist pig.

When you want to build muscle, you have to tear it down first. In the resting stage the muscle rebuilds itself with greater mass.

So it is with the "hijacke" Republican Party. Time to tear down the liberal Republican facade so we can build it back to what it is suppose to be.

Vote for anyone but the three commies

Stormwarning said...

First of all, it is impossible to tell one anonymous from another without a scorecard. Second, I am pro-choice (that means I am not anti-abortion). One-sided??? Senator "what's his name" from Tennessee imposed his supposed medical judgment on what should have been a family decision. But calling me "one-sided" begins to border on being funny considering that in some circles I'm called a "liberal." That's why, as Volpe said in the first comment on this post that "labels are dicey."

Anonymous said...

The woman gets a choice but not her baby? That sounds about as one-sided and selfish as it comes.

Anonymous said...

I see that there is an event to unfold in about 5 days and 20 hours. Does this by chance have anything to do with Mr. Barr?


totustuus said...

Barr will do what a third party has always done.Throws it to the Dems.

The answer then:
Pls get the word out!!

Stormwarning said...

If it wasn't already compelling enough with all of the other comments to this "suggestion" that Bob Barr would be a better alternative to John McCain, here is someone else's opinion discussing just how counterproductive it is:

The Obama-Barr Ticket

Just an excerpt: As for this column’s header, you’ve got to admit that a Barack Obama – Roseanne Barr ticket should make Republicans smile. This year, it wouldn’t surprise me if it came about. But let’s not let jokes take away from the serious damage that can be done by Bob Barr and the need to counter it effectively.

Kevin Tracy said...

Hey, I'm starting a Bloggers for Bob Barr section on my site. I added you to it, but let me know if you know of any other blogs I should include. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Bob Barr is a good candidate. Definitely much better than a pro-abortion Obama or a homicidal pro-Iraq war McCain.

If everyone's way of thinking is "why vote for a third party candidate, when he won't win?", then surely third party candidates won't win. We have to vote for Bob Barr. We have to campaign for him.

We can't allow ourselves to be trampled into choosing between two undeserving candidates. Vote with a clear conscience. Vote for the best. Campaign for Bob Barr.

Ken said...

I am voting for Bob Barr. Even if he doesn't win, I feel that he best represents those in this country who want to return to the principles of liberty and freedom, lower taxes and a constitutionally limited federal government.

Anonymous said...

I am a Catholic. I am voting according to my conscience. I am not voting for a murderer-abortion supporting Obama. I am not voting for a murderer-dirty war supporting McCain.

Bob Barr is the way to go.

No way to abortion Obama. No way to adulterer McCain.