Friday, April 4, 2008

Is Peter Really a Liberal?

JUDGING by readers' comments lately, I am amused to see that Peter is widely considered to be a liberal, a leftist and a traitor, among other things.

Since I have known Peter all his short life and sometimes suspect that the words "Conservative" and "Republican" were stamped into his genetic code before birth, I thought it was time to present some of Peter's conservative credentials and you can judge for yourself. (After all, merely reading National Review and believing President Bush is God does not a conservative make, as some are inclined to think.)

Peter is:
  • a native and resident of Long Island, the birthplace of the Grumman F-series of fighter jets and the Republic p-36. Largely settled by Irish and Italian Catholic WWII vets, Long Island is a conservative Republican mecca with a Catholic church, a VFW Hall and a Knights of Columbus Hall in every neighborhood. (I'm not kidding.)
  • the namesake of his paternal grandfather, a WWII Air Force pilot who flew B-29's, was a lifetime member of the John Birch Society, battled an unnamed government agency for years, and keeps a copy of the Constitution enshrined in his living room to this day.
  • serious student of American history from an early age. By the age of 10, he was reading history textbooks like they were Hardy Boy novels. He can recite the names of all the Presidents, has the Constitution almost completely memorized and has a 1000-page biography of some famous American constantly in hand.
  • a devotee of WWII history. He has read every book in the town library on World War II and can name every major battle and offensive with its date and location.
  • has read multiple books and watched every documentary ever made on the life of Ronald Reagan.
  • has read Right From the Beginning, The Day of Reckoning, Where the Right Went Wrong, and The Death of the West by Pat Buchanan, a Catholic and the foremost conservative commentator on the scene today.

Furthermore, Peter is also

  • a killer first-baseman and has an extensive autographed collection of baseball and football cards
  • a fan of old movies and Frank Sinatra
  • a senior altar boy at our Church and can serve both the English and Latin Mass
  • an expert on WWII planes which he and his brothers can identify in flight as they rumble overhead on their way to Republic Airport twice a year here
  • a Shakespeare actor in his homeschool theater group
  • a middle-distance sprinter and long-jumper
  • in love with every other girl he meets (or is that every girl he meets?)
  • the proud owner of a vintage Seiko watch given to him by a decorated WWII vet and good friend.

If you're still not convinced, Peter also

  • loves to wear suits and ties
  • belongs to the Suffolk County Young Republicans
  • wants to be a lawyer, a paratrooper, a history or French professor and the President of the United States

Everyone likes to throw labels around indiscriminately, but let me assure you that despite his young age, Peter is a true-blue, old-school, authentic, and very well-informed American conservative. I'm afraid that some of his critics, though, are on their way to becoming European-style fascists who can't (and won't) recognize a tyranny until it rolls over them in a tank.


Anonymous said...

Before addressing the issue of whether Peter is a Liberal, I would first like to say that despite the fact that Mr. Bush is not quite as Conservative as would like, I believe that he is one of the best Presidents this country has ever had. Though I moved to this country prior to Bush 43, he is the only person that has been President while I was a citizen of this great country. You can argue that I have nobody to compare him to, but I have studied history and I am somewhat familiar with most Presidents. Mr. Bush stand for Family values, he has promoted economic growth and he has protect my family and my fellow citizens from terrorism. Yes, he is not perfect and he is not 100% Conservative, but I fear it will be many year until we have a President so great and so Conservative.

I do believe that Conservatives can disagree with each on a few issues without compromising our ideology. My wife and seldom argue, but when we do we each think that the other is not as Conservative as the other and ironically, we might both have a point.

I believe that Peter is at heart a Conservative, from reading some of his recent posts, it looks to me that he has been influenced by a few Liberal ideas, but I guess that is just my opinion. Ultimately, he is a knowledge man and courageous for promoting his views. Despite my recent disagreements, I think he is an honorable man and I for one do not think him to be a traitor. To be honest, I am struggling to see him point of view on a few things because they seem liberal to me. Perhaps I am the one who is liberal or even unpatriotic, but I just cannot quite bring myself to embrace a few of his recent expressed ideas.

As somebody who immigrated to this great country, it kind of bothers me whenever somebody criticizes our President or our country. Having actually lived many live outside of this great country together with my knowledge of history and current events, it concerns and frustrates me that many people do not realize how great this country is. On the other hand I realize that Peter is saying some of the things he says because he want to improve this imperfect, but great country.

Peter will continue to say want his on his mind regardless of what people think and that is not a bad thing. I fear that because people do not understand how great America is there is a spirit of mal-contentment is the country. People don't trust the Church, they don't trust the President and don't trust Congress, they don't trust business and they just don't trust the system in general. While it is actually good for Conservatives or anybody for that matter to question things in order to keep things on track, such mal-contentment, mistrust and hatred will destroy us.

Like most Conservatives, I believe that Peter is not a malcontent; he is raising question in an honest spirit. However, I ask that he be careful not to fall into the hands of the malcontents. It is bad enough that the Democrats in this country are malcontents, let's not join them.

I fear that if Conservatives become malcontents they will stay home in November. Yes I realize that Mr. McCain is less Conservative and if people feel that they cannot vote for him, I can understand that, but there are many Conservatives throughout the country (many of them supported Mr. Huckabee) who are Pro-Life whether the issue is Abortion or Euthanasia.

Conservatives and Social Conservatives in particular are running for Congress as well as state and local positions. I intend to help some of them get elected. If you must point out what is wrong with this country and with our party fine, but please also bring up a few good things so that Conservatives will be encouraged to vote in November for these Conservatives.

We might be able to survive if we do not win the White House, but we at least need to elect Conservatives to Congress and to our State legislatures.


Anonymous said...

Talking like a conservative while it's being ignored by Bush is hardly "falling into the hands of the enemy."

Being pacifistic sheep and following Bush till the death is fine if that's what you like, but please do not disparage the people who criticize him as being less than conservative--BUSH IS NOT A CONSERVATIVE!!!

Anonymous said...

Whether or not Bush is a Conservative is one thing, but he certainly is not a pacifistic. I am not trying to disparage the people who criticize him, but I am concerned when people go overboard in trashing our great President. While it is true that people can disagree with the President from either a Conservative or Liberal point of view, it is not healthy for our nation to stir up such mal-contentment against our President and our institutions. I happen to believe that our President although not 100% Conservative is much more Conservative than Liberal. While some of those who criticize him may be at least as Conservative as Mr. Bush, let's leave the harshness to the Democrats.

Again, to clear, I believe that Peter is basically a good Conservative, but I am concerned about this recent Anti-Bushism. I guess I will just have to let other judge whether I myself am a true Conservative, but from where I sit in Ohio, I am a bit troubled by some recent posts. Nevertheless, I do take comfort in Peter's point of view when it comes to social issues.


Peter said...

Bush may be a Conservative, but ignoring the Constitution is troubling, no matter what political party you belong to.

Jasna Gorak said...

Dear Ohio Joe-

1.Raising the national debt from 5.7 to over 9 trillion dollars is not conservative.

2.Running 400-500 billion dollar deficits is not conservative.

3.Borrowing hundreds of billion dollars from communist killers in Chima to finance immoral wars that run counter to the whole Catholic-Christian theory of what constitutes a just war is not conservative.

4.Outsourcing our whole manufacturing base so we can't even build the weapons we need to defend ourselves is not conservative.

5.Creating the biggest federal entitlement (prescription drugs) since President Johnson is not conservative.

6.Massively increasing the budget of the Dep't of Education while passing new federal mandates like "Head Start" is not conservative.

7.Giving hundreds of millions of dollars to Planned parenthood every year is not conservative.

Respected Ohio Joe - how is this man a conservative?

Anonymous said...

Jasna Gorak:

You do make a few good points, I am not happy with the Nation debt and deficits either. While some of the spending can be justified, but all of it can. However, by historical standards and when we compare our statistics to other countries, our situation per GNP is not quite that terrible. By lowering taxes, Mr. Bush has created a great economy. I myself have lost a job in this great economy, but instead of blame my President and country for my situation, with GOD'S help, I found a slightly better position.

According to the the Conservative Intercollegiate Studies Institute, this is a just war. I am aware that most Catholics disagree with me on this non-faith and morals issue, but on average (yes there are certainly exception) many of these same Catholics tend to be liberal general speaking. While I do know many Anti-War Catholics who are good Catholic Conservative people, most are neither Church-going, nor Conservative and I frankly find this interesting.

Being against Free Trade is not Conservative, I did not like Free Trade either years ago when I was not as Conservative.

Many Conservatives like me did not support Mr. Bush's liberal drug plan, but it is not as bad as we feared it would be and it is not as bad as other federal program put into place prior to him becoming President.

You are correct that Mr. Bush's education plan is neither Conservative, nor a good plan in general. However, I for one am willing to give him a pass on this issue because we have nothing to lose. Education is one of the worst institutions in this country and by trying something new, we cannot get much worse.

Many Conservatives tried to tell me not to vote for Mr. Huckabee because of his liberal education policies. On this issue, I ignored them completely because again our country has less to lose with regards to this institution than other institution. Unlike some Republicans, neither of these men support Socialized Medicine. As an aside, Mr. Bush and Mr. Huckabee are two totally different people and I like them both for different reason.

As for our President giving to PP, it is my understanding that this law was already put in place and it is up to Congress to fix the situation.

In short, to be sure, Mr. Bush is not a perfect conservative and as great as he is, it would be better to have somebody better. I am able to forgive or overlook his short-comings because I believe him to be honest, well meaning and with me on the important issues even if in many cases it is 90% instead of 100%.

Please consider that Mr. Bush has had to face issues that no other President has. Yes you can say that about any President, but I believe times are unique to a degree. Yes there are people who are better than Mr. Bush and who are better Conservatives, but in the real world, they seldom rise to power. We need to consider what the best realistic alternatives are and than take it from there.

Yes there are reasons for Conservatives to disagree with our institutions and our political leaders and disagreements are OK, but let's leave the trashing for the liberals to do.

To be honest some of you Conservatives who have problem with our country and our leaders have given me some food for thought, but I remain uneasy when it appears to me that certain institutions are being trashed. I do not like when Liberals to it and I do not like when Conservative do it.

I remain hopeful that we can make the country more Conservative at the various state and local levels.


Daniel J. Cassidy said...

That anyone would construe the views expressed on this blog as liberalism is itself evidence of the damage this Administration has done to the conservative movement and the traditional Republican mindset against big government statism. The following Canadian blog:
has recently published an excellent series on "each of the prevailing mindset types (seven in all) that characterize the resulting Liberty vs Power governing arrangement." Page down to Type 1: "Classic Imperialist" and the six that precede it.) It might help some understand how far we have strayed from first principles.

NY Catholic Mom said...

Ohio Joe, I do understand your uneasiness when people criticize the President, and we do try to maintain respect for his office when we criticize his policies in our blog, but he is an elected official, after all, and his actions and words are fair game, especially when the welfare of our country is at stake as we believe it is.

I also appreciate the fact that this country is so much better than other countries, but we are mightily concerned that if the present disastrous course is sustained, we will soon become a third-rate economic and military power, which is particularly dangerous considering the very powerful enemies out there, and I am not speaking of a few ragtag terrorists, but of CHINA and RUSSIA.

As for your observation that liberal Catholics seem to be the only Catholics who are anti-war, I would suggest you read The Remnant or The Wanderer, Culture Wars, or Chronicles, to name a few papers run by very traditional Catholics who are very much opposed to this war.

In fact, I would posit that the more traditional a Catholic is, the more against this war he/she will be. Maybe the liberal Catholics are all anti-war, too, so that would leave the moderate conservatives as the most pro-war?
I don't know, I'm just guessing.

At any rate, we do very much appreciate your comments. Whenever we write a post, we look forward to seeing your response. You have a very unique and thoughtful perspective.

Hope you have a great weekend and that you are having the same great spring weather there in Ohio that we have here today!

Anonymous said...

This was a great post. Since I know Peter well, and have known him all my life... I can attest to the fact that not only is he NOT A LIBERAL, he has no liberal genes in his lineage.

But neither is Peter a Neocon! Unlike the entertainers on the talk radio airwaves that tend to try and pawn themselves off as 'intellectuals', there is no 'parroting' of a particular party line in Peter's houlshold. Peter was raised on good old Constitutional food.

His father's favorite line was a quote from the famous television series 'Bonanza'. 'I let my son's make their OWN decisions' went the line.

So there you have it, Peter is a bible thumpin, John Bircher lovin, Pat Buchanan readin Pro Life Catholic. He can't be any other way because it's the Truth he was raised with.