Saturday, April 12, 2008

When Will It End? Don't Expect An Answer From McCain


Although this election has seen a manifest increase in promises of "change" coming from each of the major candidates, don't expect anything different on Iraq from a President John McCain.

McCain, who has said that we must "stay the course" in Iraq declared in a recent email to supporters that "I intend to win the war in Iraq and bring our troops home with honor in that victory. Sens. Clinton and Obama want to surrender and withdraw our armed forces."

McCain has used such rhetoric in the past, claiming that anti-war members of Congress who have "grave doubts about whether success in Iraq was possible" want to "accept our defeat and retreat."

All such talk is grand and heroic--if one does not realize that it is totally contradictory. Was it not President Bush himself who boldly declared that "The battle of Iraq is one victory in a war on terror?"

Why is it that Senator McCain feels we must "win the war" and not "defeat and retreat," when President Bush very clearly stated that we have, in fact, won "victory," in "The battle of Iraq?"

Maybe this explains Senator McCain's refusal to define the phrase "win the war?" Like President Bush, he has no clear vision for what we must do in Iraq beyond an open-ended deployment which will continue to eat up trillions of our dollars and claim the lives of thousands more young Americans for no visible point or purpose beyond attaining what the Senator will never define.

Why would McCain have any plans at all to leave Iraq just as our new $800 million embassy is about to open for business? By referring to our presence in Iraq in terms of a war, instead of the occupation that it is, Sen McCain gives himself permission to divisively speak in terms of "defeat and retreat," and thus label his enemies as "defeatists" who want to "cut and run."

This is far more conducive to the Senator's plan for Iraq; an open-ended presence, with no definable purpose or goals which would enable the U.S. to remain in Iraq for as long as McCain would wish, locked in a struggle against a non-specified enemy of "extremists" for non-specified goals, which, naturally, can never be achieved.

John McCain refuses to acknowledge that we are occupying Iraq and can withdraw anytime we wish. He instead plays the part of the man driving the donkey, insisting that we have to remain in Iraq in order to achieve the proverbial carrot of "victory" which, as it is undefined, will never be attainable.

Leaders like Sen. McCain who try to force the American people to continue wrong-headed policies with no point and purpose will be the death of America if we continue to allow them to continue in their ways.

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