Wednesday, May 14, 2008

House Loss In Mississippi Accentuates GOP Troubles

Yesterday the Republicans lost a special election in Mississippi's 1st congressional district which they had previously held since 1994. In the 2004 Presidential election, George W. Bush won this district by almost 20 points. In fact, it was considered so safe that its previous representative, former Congressman Roger Wicker, had no qualms when he gave up his seat there in order to fill out the Senate term of the retiring Trent Lott.

Nevertheless, as in the two special elections this year in which they lost long-held seats in Illinois and Louisiana, the Republicans lost Sen. Wicker's former district--by eight percentage points.

This an embarassing defeat that reveals much about the GOP's current state of ineptitutde. After losing both of their congressional majorities in the 2006 midterm elections, the GOP and its companions on talk radio vowed to bring out a new agenda which spoke to the heart of the problems being faced by average Americans. Unfortunately, that agenda has never materialized and as far as one can tell, the Republicans, in the last two years, have stood for nothing beyond big government, a pointless war in Iraq, and inaction on energy.

The Republicans will be thrown out in even greater numbers this fall because voters are tired of seeing their representatives bowing down to big war and voting for blank checks to continue funding an occupation of Iraq with a point and purpose that has never been defined.

Voters are tired of paying $4.00 a gallon for gasoline and seeing Republicans respond by arguing over whether to temporarily take a few pennies off the price. People in America have had enough of seeing their jobs leaving for India and China and then being scolded by the Republican presidential nominee for not appreciating the great "economic benefits" as he put it, that their newfound state of unemployment has brought them.

Americans have naturally grown weary of seeing their wages go down as the cost of living soars, while the richest Americans become richer, and the government spends more and more. People would like to be able to spend their money on things they need, such as health care and housing, instead of handing over their dollars to be wasted by a Republican government with an unquenchable appetite for money.

The Republicans could have reformed themselves after the 2006 election and started speaking to the needs and concerns of America, but, as it happened, they did not. They continued their drunken, irresponsible waste of taxpayer, as well as their war, and failed to focus on energy, even as gas prices soared.

To the Republicans, dropping bombs on slums in Iraq and firing cruise missiles at donkey sheds in Somalia was more important than addressing issues here at home. Threatening Iran became a priority and John McCain is even talking about the "next war."

Since the GOP had nothing to run on in Mississippi besides more war and government waste, they tried to run by criticizing the Democrats, instead of telling voters what they were for. The strategy didn't work, most of all because the Democrat ran as an anti-war, pro-life conservative who talked about fiscal discipline and energy alternatives, in effect, stealing the Republican playbook right from under their nose.

We need Republicans who will talk about what they are for, not what they are against. Democrats can be beat very easily, except when the Republicans stand for nothing like they've done for the past 8 years.


Dave from Oregon said...

After 6 years of having all three branches of government, the GOP has fed at the trough and accomplished nothing for anyone other than its business constituency. Since losing the house and more or less the senate, the GOP has done nothing but obstruct progress. They have earned their next 40 years in the wilderness. I am sorry they have donee so much to befoul that wilderness....

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

It is time we all calm down and get back to reality, this is only a bump on the road, the Democrat winner in Mississippi is actually a very Conservative candidate and all politics are local. Eventually, Americans will get tired of the Secularism and anti-Americanism from the Democrats in Congress and the GOP will be returned to power once again. The sky is not falling, it is not all bad.


Anonymous said...

I wish we were all blessed with your sense of escapism.

Anonymous said...

The only thing I am escaping from is the Democrat party, and I have little doubt that more Americans will do the same once they get fed up with their Left-Wing policies.


foutsc said...

Bad news for the GOP but good news for conservatism. If Dems like Mr. Childers keep getting elected I'll actually have a choice on election day. The GOP has been powerless against Harry and the Pelosicrats. The Blue Dog Democrats are the real reason the dems have not been able to implement their left wing wackadoo agenda.

The GOP is a rotting, stinking carcass bereft of ideas. They suffer a lack of intellectual ferment. Bob Barr and Alan Keyes have left the building. I group these men in with Ron Paul: Some of their ideas are brilliant and some are nutty, but the GOP needs that brainpower and the philosophical arguments they spur.

Anonymous said...

I have to partially disagree with you Foutsc; for the most part, this is neither good news nor bad news. It is basically just a special election and local issues usually prevail in special elections. I am neither jumping for joy that a Conservative win, nor jumping out the window because the GOP lost. Last fall, the GOP won a special election in Ohio. While I was happy that the GOP held a seat in my state, I knew that because of local and geographical circumstances, that race had little effect on the national landscape.

While you are correct that the Blue Dogs are keeping things in line, it is strategically and politically dangerous to vote for Democrats even if they are Pro-Life, Pro-National Security and Pro-Fiscal responsibility because they ultimately belong to a party that does not care about our interests. 10 or 15 years ago, I would have had a very different point of view, but I am fed up with the Democrats.

I am confident that many of my fellow Americans will also get fed up with the Democrats, sure we may not defeat them in 2008, but the Democrat party as we know it will eventually be defeated. Americans will only tolerate for so long a party that does not care about our national security and our social values.

In a way, Dr. Keys, Dr. Paul and Mr. Barr are all smart men. While they are better than the Democrats and in some regards better than many Republicans, I would find it difficult to vote for any of them. Dr. Paul is almost a non-starter for me, while I agree with him about 80%, the man appears to have no clue about national security and frankly, I fear he is at least partially fruit loops in this regard. While Dr. Paul is Pro-Life, he does not appear to promote Life and he is not exactly a Social Conservative.

If I really get fed up with Mr. McCain, I could actually vote for Mr. Barr; he is knowledgeable about the economy and many other things. While he is not fruit loops on national security, he is weak on this issue. Also, while he has a good Pro-Life record, he does not promote it and I have not heard him promise to promote Conservative judge. I have no problem with Dr. Keyes.

Since the Republicans are generally socially Conservative and care about national security, I can cut them some slack on the economy. I would just like to warn everybody who is going to leave the GOP because of the economy that the Democrats are neither capitalists nor good for the economy.

In one of my local races this fall, there will be to one degree or another, three Conservative candidates. Since the Republican is not well know, I will vote to the Independent in effort to defeat the Democrat. Both are good Pro-Life men, but I just cannot vote for a Democrat, especially after the way they have insulted our troop.


foutsc said...

Excellent points, Ohio Joe. I'm not boosting the Democratic Party, but I think is it important that the GOP knows it doesn't own me. Don't trample my conservative values and then expect me to give you money.

Anonymous said...

You have a point, I do not like giving money to the party or even Mr. McCain, but I might give money to individual Conservative candidates as long as they are not a Democrat. In the past I have actually given money to an anti-war Conservative Republican candidate in a tight race, but fortunately, he was not totally fruit loops and he was a social Conservative.


Anonymous said...

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