Tuesday, May 6, 2008

McCain/Ironman 2008 and Judicial Discrepancies

"Vote for McCain or face the wrath of the Justice League of America!"

Perhaps what John McCain needs is a superhero. After all, considering that his main selling points are that the U.S. will never leave Iraq, the illegal immigrants are never going home, and that the jobs lost to free trade are never coming back, McCain has demonstrated that his campaign could use more than a little spark of originality.

Our Vice President, who comes out of hiding every once and a while to remind us of such enlightening facts, such as how President Bush "carries the biggest burden, obviously," when it comes to casualties in Iraq, apparently, a bigger burden than the soldiers who die, would be a patriarch to tell McCain that with great power comes great responsibility------responsibility to start more wars, that is.

Perhaps if Cheney's advice doesn't work, and Ironman's appeal doesn't work, McCain could go back to his super lucky good-luck charms? Anyone remember the lucky feather, compass, and the lucky 31 cents? It's a good thing that there haven't been repeats since the lucky feather got lost in 2000. Hey, what about that lucky friend that helped McCain beat George Bush eight years ago? (well, not really)

In the spirit of this summer's superhero spirit, McCain played Two-face today, heralding John Roberts and Samuel Alito as the kind of clear-thinking conservative justices that the Supreme Court needs, while, on the other hand, justifying his 1993 vote for ACLU head-hound Ruth Bader Ginsberg because she "represented the considered judgment of the president of the United States," a strange honor, indeed.

Apparently McCain sees no discrepancy in claiming to want conservative justices like Roberts and Alito while justifying his support for Ruth Bader Ginsberg, a former in-house counsel for NOW and the ACLU, two groups that can hardly be described as "conservative."

Right now, McCain is treading a fine line, desperately trying to be "acceptable" to Democrats and Republicans. Like a veritable two-face, McCain speaks a different message each time he makes an appearance, although, like Two-face, no one ever knows what it will be.

Perhaps McCain decides by flipping one of his lucky coins?


Anonymous said...

It is quite possible that the next 4 to 8 years could bring us peace and prosperity in which case, it does not matter who the next President will be anyway. I suppose one could argue that if no Supreme court judges resign over the next 4 years, it also does not matter who the next President will be. The fact is, we do not know what the future will bring.

The next President could end up appointing one or two supreme court judges. This is one of the main reasons that I will overlook a few of Mr. McCain's flaws and vote for him in November. I did not like the fact that Mr. McCain set up the gang of 14 at the time. However, it appears that this stunt actually gave us more Conservative judges. There is of course guarantee that Mr. McCain will give us a good judge, but he cannot be any worse in this regard compared to Mr. Reagan or Mr. Clinton. Mr. Reagan gave us a few judges that were wishy washy at best. Mr. McCain will at least try to give us a Pro-Life judge.

The idea that Mr. McCain cannot be trusted because he voted for R B Ginsberg is ridiculous. By that logic we should trust all Democrats who voted for our judges and consider them Pro-Life.

Yes it might be nice to punish Mr. McCain or send him a message by voting for a third party. However, the lives of the unborn, the elderly and handicapped are too important to fool with. It is time that anti-Life secularist liberals on the courts be removed.


NY Catholic Mom said...

Perhaps McCain will give us a pro-life judge, but considering his past record and his refusal to come out and address this issue square on with conservative voters makes tjos very pro-life voter terribly uneasy.

I have gotten to the point that I just pray that God will allow the right person to be elected, because, for the life of me, I cannot figure this one out.

I'm voting for Chuck Baldwin regardless. Everyone must make the best decision they can, but I will not have it on my conscience that I voted for a war-mongering, amnesty-loving, Planned Parenthood-loving, NAFTA/CAFTA-pushing, gay-marriage-supporting Republican.

I know you've heard all this before from me, Ohio Joe, and I'm sure you're tired of hearing it, but nothing that has transpired in the last few months has made me change my mind about McCain.

Anonymous said...

NY Catholic Mom:

If you feel strongly about those other issues, then I understand the why you are voting the way you are. I Again with McCain on what I consider the important issues, but I do not agree with him on everything and I thus understand, that it could be difficult for Republicans to decide what to do. We have argued a few of these issues before, but I just do not understand why you refer to Mr. McCain as Planned Parenthood-loving.

On a slightly different note, while I respect the office of the Presidentcy and the Supreme court, I do believe that there are other important offices throughout the land, I have thus given a small donation to Huck-PAC and I will vote for and support such candidates in November. Regardless of who wins the Presidency, we cannot ignore other offices.


NY Catholic Mom said...

McCain voted for HR 3010, the Health and Human Services Appropriations Bill, which included the following:

"- Tens of millions of federal dollars for Planned Parenthood (Title X and Medicaid)
- Selected Medicaid surgical abortions (rape, incest, "life" of mother)
- Title X and Medicaid chemical birth control abortions
- Title X and Medicaid birth control for unmarried adults (singles)
- Title X and Medicaid birth control for unmarried adolescents, even if their parents object to the federal government giving their minor child hormonal drugs and contraceptive devices."

Here's the URL:

Anonymous said...

Oh Boy, I was not aware of this, this does not sound like good news.


NY Catholic Mom said...

Sorry to burst your bubble, old boy. :)

It is surprising considering that Planned Parenthood hates McCain and has declared public war on him, but that's what happens when a person tries to please every side--everyone ends up hating him.