Saturday, May 17, 2008

Ron Paul: A Welcome Departure From Incompetent Government


This month the U.S. government will host the U.N. High Commissioner for eliminating racism. The U.N. High Commissioner of course is not an America, and since he is a U.N. Commissioner, after all, his recommendations will be published, applauded, and then forgotten by the U.S. government, never to be brought up again.

Abdicating responsibility when it comes to important issues is a practice which was recently shown for us by our fearless leader George Bush, whose response to the record fuel price increases of the last few weeks has been to theoretically debate a plan to temporarily suspend the 18 cent per gallon federal gas tax.

When the bottom fell out of the proposed "gas holiday" and exposed its utter stupidity as a viable solution, our fearless leader turned to plan b, that is, go groveling to the Saudis. After the Saudis told Bush that a substantial increase in production from the OPEC cartel wasn't going to happen, our President accepted their decision and promptly departed, acting as if there was
nothing more to do but give up and go home, and not trouble himself anymore with such a daunting and complex issue.

What is strange here, is the total absence of the traditional American can-do spirit. The same nation who came to the rescue of the inept French and British against Hitler, put a man on the moon, and beat back the Soviets without firing a shot, seems incapable of finding a way to fuel cars that does not involve Americans being fleeced by Saudi princes and corporate executives in fancy offices.

Unlike our do-nothing President, however, Representative Ron Paul (R-TX), has been unwilling to sit around and blithely ignore the problems facing this country, as well as their root causes. During his presidential campaign, he was derided by the Republican media (Hannity, Limbaugh, etc.) who were incensed at seeing a candidate who actually spent his time talking about issues that affect Americans, instead getting into catfights with the other candidates over who supported the war in Iraq the most.

Nevertheless, the media was forced to cover Ron Paul due to the fervent support he received from people among all walks of life. After all, since when do Republicans, or any politician for that matter, receive support from a wide spectrum of people?

Not since the days of Ronald Reagan has a Republican managed to actually broaden the GOP's message, a welcome development after eight years literalily hearing nothing but "vote for me or the bad guys will get you" from George W. Bush.

If you would like to know more about Ron Paul's message, I highly encourage you to read his latest book The Revolution: A Manifesto, which has already made it to #1 on the New York Times bestseller list.

The GOP will have to rebuild after it is destroyed this November, but the ideas have to come from somewhere.


Michael said...

Thank you for the positive write up on candidate Ron Paul. With 'Revolution: A Manifesto' a NYTimes #1 best seller, it is obvious that people are still very excited about this message.

If you are not familiar with Dr. Paul, I urge you to learn more about this uniquely American figure by reading his book!

Yashmak said...

Ron Paul also offers a departure from reality, with his 'troofer' comments.

"What is strange here, is the total absence of the traditional American can-do spirit."

Yeah, well a can-do spirit and $4 will buy you a gallon of gasoline. I fail to see any mention of a rational Ron Paul alternative better suited to solving the problem.

This article does little other than say "Bush/Congress bad, Ron Paul is an alternative" without providing any reason to believe that Ron Paul is a better alternative.

Anonymous said...

I suppose your prefered alternative would be more of the same.

Yashmak said...

Did I post something to that effect?


Anonymous said...

You are correct Yashmak, Dr. Paul may be a nice guy, but he has no clue how to solve the price of gas nor dealing with foreign policy. If people like him were around in the past, we would not have a can do spirit, we would have lost the Civil War, WWII and the War of Independence. Dr. Paul has some good points, but he and Mr. Obama are not changes for the better. If Ron Paul supporters do not necessarily have a can do spirit, if they did, they would not be so doom and gloom about November.


John said...


What "troofer" comments? Questioning the legitimacy of the 9/11 report? I think most people can agree that it was highly politicized, and anyone connected to the previous administration covered their ass and anyone connected to the Bush administration covered their ass. The hijackers ties to both Saudi Arabia and Pakistan were never fully investigated.

You know, you can question lots of things about 9/11 without believing in radio controlled planes and missiles.

I love all this talk about "solving" the problem of $4 gas. Why is gas $4 a gallon? Does it have anything to do with the devaluation of out currency? How does the cost of oil relate to the cost of gold over the last, oh I don't know, 50 years or so?

Michael said...
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Michael said...

**confusing wording changed**


There is no doom and gloom from his supporters.

This campaign has jump-started a movement. If you are interested in history, freedom, and the United States, I would advise learning more about the principals behind the movement. These are core American principals, as championed by our founding fathers.

Some great contemporary information can be found at:

Anonymous said...

What does the President do when gas is $4 a gallon?

Start getting ready for a rumble with Iran.

That doesn't sound like someone who gives a **** about the problems facing average Americans.

Michael said...

A president should let the market decide. Loosen restrictions and let companies drill in Alaska and the Gulf of Mexico, if that fills a need in the market.

In the short term, we could pull out of Iraq and stop intimidating Iran. This would help lower oil prices and also stabilize the dollar.

When the time comes, the market will provide alternatives. In fact, new alternatives are emerging.

Ron Paul wants to eliminate the income tax and replace it with nothing. This can be achieved (fairly easily) by ending our empire. Imagine how much better off the average American would be if he didn't have to pay income taxes.

With more money in the hands of Americans, they can choose to spend the money as they see fit. It is no longer a choice of the the politicians. I for one, believe in the good of individuals far more than the good of institutions.

Just think of the health care industry. Fifty years ago, it was run by the churches. No one was turned away and prices were relatively cheap. Since the government has been involved, it has gone downhill quickly. Now, we have big insurance and drug companies in bed with politicians.

We claim to be a free society, but we let the government limit our choices. The most humanitarian thing to do is to treat everyone equally and allow them to spend their money as they choose, whether we agree with their choices or not.

Anonymous said...


I am glad you approve of drilling for oil in Alaska, this is what is needed in the short and medium term as we prepare to find alternatives which do not appear out of thin air.

By stating that we could cut and run from Iraq, you suggest that the whole war is about oil. You are conveniently forgetting the issue of terrorism. Also, we are not intimidating Iran they are attacking our soldiers.

You make some good point about Health Care, but as good as freedom is, as a Conservative, I believe that we need to guard against anarchy also. You can call us an Empire if you wish, but the kind of cuts you recommend to our military will leave us vulnerable. Socialism, not militarism, is our real problem.