Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Ron Paul's Campaign For Liberty


Barack Obama is leading McCain now in Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, states which any Presidential hopeful must carry if they hope to win the general election.

It is not a surprise that Obama is winning.

The GOP is dead and John McCain stands for nothing except bigger government and more wars, and Obama, no matter what he does, will not be criticized at all by a loving media. Fox News and Sean Hannity can not save a dead product like McCain no matter how hard they try.

Americans want to vote for someone they like, not someone they have to "hold their nose" for like McCain. Obama will win because Americans dislikes him less than they dislike McCain, not because of any mass nationwide conversion to Obama's socialist ideals.

In other words, the GOP will not lose because voters suddenly find Obama's socialism appealing, but because the Republican party offered them a watered-down Democrat knockoff in McCain--instead of a real conservative alterantive.

Republicans such as Ron Paul who offer voters traditional conservative values such as Constitutional government and a non-interventionist foreign policy, have been ridiculed by the current big-government GOP of John McCain.

Perhaps the GOP is jealous of the continuing enthusiasm that Ron Paul's campaign continues to receive even though the Republican primaries have now ended? Ron Paul's supporters in Idaho were recently able to oust their party's "moderate" state chairman, while making a number of changes to the Idaho GOP's platform at their recent state convention.

McCain's supporters are never seen making waves such as this, and besides, who could blame them for not wanting to go out and advocate for such a pathetic candidate who has absolutely no ideas worth fighting for?

Ron Paul has never had to downsize a campaign event, unlike McCain, who recently had to move a fundraiser with the President from the Phoenix convention center to a private residence after more protesters showed up than guests.

It is pitiful to see McCain, like George W. Bush, run a campaign to be President of the United States, consisting overwhelmingly of going to "townhall" meetings. "Townhall" meetings hardly ever take place in a "town," much less in a "townhall." They consist of McCain reciting his scripted stump speech to a pre-approved audience of supporters a few of whom are allowed to ask pre-screened questions if they are lucky.

Unlike Ron Paul, McCain never has to move crowded events outdoors--because he never has to worry about too many people showing up.

Now that the primaries have ended, however, Ron Paul has started "The Campaign For Liberty" as a way to continue advancing his ideas and electing like-minded Republicans to Congress. Since it was launched last week, the campaign has had almost 60,000 members join, with many more certainly to come.

One of the campaign's first activities is to help promote and organize "The Revolution March," a large peaceful demonstration set to take place in Washington D.C. this summer "in support of restoring constitutional government as the founding fathers set forth."

Ron Paul has said "Elections are short term efforts. Revolutions are long term projects. Our job now is to plan for the next phase. I don't mind playing a key role in the revolution, but it has to be more than a Ron Paul Revolution Let us all stick together in this great cause of Liberty and show the love that we all share for the country and the constitution."

The philosophy of The Campaign For Liberty, is simple: follow the Constitution. If this were done, the Federal government would be far smaller in scope and power, for, as the tenth amendment to our Constitution says:

"The powers not delegated to the United States [the Federal government] by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people."

A smaller federal government is equatable to more personal liberty, as more decisions regarding your life would be made by you, and not the government.

Regardless of your political views, I am certain that more freedom is a goal which can heartily be shared by everyone.


Anonymous said...

Ron Paul, the only choice a true Catholic has left among all the aspirants.

Dave said...

I think Ron Paul is great. There should be some fireworks when he holds his convention down the street fromm the GOP convention. With 2 or 3 more supreme court justices stepping down in the next few years the next president will have the opportunity to shape that court for some time to come.

daniel said...

Yes, Ron Paul 2008.
America's only choice.
The Catholics' only choice.