Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Small Government

As I have pointed out earlier, Barack Obama is starting to open up big leads in in Michigan, Colorado, Wisconsin, and Minnesota--in other words, states John McCain really needs to win.

The GOP has responded in its usual way--by blaming everyone except themselves. Bob Barr, the Libertarian Party's presidential candidate has been especially targeted by GOP mouthpiece Newt Gingrich as the cause of McCain's current troubles. Gingrich claims that Barr is taking away votes from McCain, causing him to fall behind against Obama in states that the GOP would ordinarily win.

Gingrich stated in an interview last week that all "reasonable conservatives" should vote for McCain, because, as he claimed, a vote for Bob Barr is "a vote for Barack Obama."

Such shennanigans are beginning to get a little tiresome coming from the GOP--the party of big government and policing the world. If John McCain were a real conservative who believed in a Constitutional government and foreign policy, he would have plenty of people to vote for him and would not have to worry about third party challengers.

However, McCain is not a conservative and must therefore try and blackmail conservatives into voting for him through use of helpful hacks like Newt Gingrich. Gingrich, as I mentioned before, is mainly trying to keep conservatives from voting for Bob Barr, who told the Washington Post last week:

“With regard to domestic policy, Sen. McCain really has put forward nothing that would indicate he believes in dramatically shrinking the size and cost of the government. He does talk a great game about doing away with earmarks, but that really does not get near to the heart of the matter of the massive federal spending, the massive federal debt and the deficits we’re running.”

Such talk really gets to the heart of why I, and millions of other Republicans will not be voting for our nominee, who has shown absolutely no inclination to follow the path of Reagan, and has, instead, decided to take the party back to the misbegotten "moderate" days of Jerry Ford and Nelson "Rocky" Rockefeller.

There is a fine Republican running for Congress in North Carolina who says "There is no substitute for reducing the size and expense of our federal government," precisely the kind of talk that the GOP needs--although John McCain is working hard to avoid it.


Kevin Tracy said...

As far as John McCain's chances are concerned (and they have a LOT more to be concerned about), a vote for Bob Barr is the same thing as a guy sitting on the couch and not voting at all, which is what conservatives who don't vote for Barr are going to do this year.

John McCain is the unreasonable one in the picture, not the conservative base of the party that's desperately seeking a leader.

A vote for Bob Barr is a vote for Bob Barr. The only way you can vote for Barack Obama is by voting for Barack Obama.

Anonymous said...

The only shenanigans that are getting tiresome is your 'junk' campaign against the GOP. Mr. McCain was not my first or second choice, but he won fair and square and it rather silly to oppose him simply for the sake of opposition. Yes, it would be nice to win Michigan, Colorado, Wisconsin and Minnesota and we might still win some. However, it is more than possible to win without any of these states.

It is unfortunate, Peter that your daily trashing of our party leaders is getting old. Frankly you remind me of the Democrats during the cold war, they spent more time trashing the GOP and the country than trashing the Communists, you appear to be trashing the GOP and its leaders more than you trash the Democrats and the terrorists.

Anything can happen in November, but the GOP can win the Presidency even if Mr. Barr gets a few per cent of the vote. It looks like Mr. Barr will get a few malcontents to vote for him while most mainstream Conservatives will stick with the GOP.

It seems that your hatred for our nominee stems from the fact that your think he is a war monger. Look it, I hope and pray (like many others) that we do not have war with Iran. However, just wishing that war won't happen is not going to prevent it. In fact it could back-fire. The reason that Mr. Reagan was able to free the hostages was that unlike Mr. Carter, he convinced Iran that he was ready to fight. The Iranians and Europeans fear Mr. McCain even more than they fear Mr. Bush and this will probably keep them in line. Mr. Obama and to a degree Mr. Barr are viewed by the rest of the world as weak and thus our country will by open to attack.

Mr. McCain is far from perfect, (I could not vote for him in the primary) but it is just plain childish to say that he is not strong on foreign policy. Play your game all you want where you attack our candidate for everything, but just know, some of us will remember you in November when we vote straight GOP. The Democrats (and the enemies of America and decency) can be defeated in 2008 no matter what you say and some of us will work to achieve victory for the GOP.

If Mr. McCain does something really stupid between now and November, mainstream Conservatives have the option of voting for Mr. Barr at that point, but so far you are mainly crying wolf. If you think that Mr. Barr and Mr. Obama can magically reduce the price of gas, keep us at peace and what not all then I am afraid you are dreaming. In a way, it makes me rather sad how you have turned so sour on our party leaders. I realize that our Country, our Party and our party leaders are not perfect, but this game is going too far.


Anonymous said...

It was a waste that Ron Paul did not get the Republican nomination. He was the best.

Anyway, among those left, Bob Barr would be best.

Anonymous said...

A vote for Bob Barr is a vote against marriage.

Vote Chuck Baldwin of the Constitution Party!!!

Anonymous said...

Ron Paul is the best.

Anonymous said...

It is not too late to try to reinstate Ron Paul.

Anonymous said...

you guys are freaks.... McCain is the only logical vote