Tuesday, June 3, 2008

What Happened?


George W. Bush has rightly been one of, if not the most criticized presidents in our history
. Amazingly so, there has been a substantial lack of criticism directed towards him from his own party.

As the GOP name continues to fall due to president Bush's ineffective leadership, Republicans in Congress, have decided to go dumpster diving after him instead of seeking desperately-needed seperation. Even the many Republicans who are retiring this year, such as Virginia moderate Tom Davis, will still not take any criticisms at the man who has so led our party down.

Although a number of high-profile figures such as Karl Rove and Don Rumsfeld have left the Bush administration, like the Republicans in Congress, they have either continued stumping for Bush in the media, or kept completely to themselves.

However, Scott McClellan, though he was effectively far lower in the food chain than the likes of Carl Rove and Donald Rumsfeld, was still an integral part for many years of the once-vaunted Bush "team."

McClellan is an interesting figure, as we was a staffer way back when Bush was Governor of Texas, and after coming to the White House after the brutal 2000 campaign, he was an an assistant press secretary to Ari Fleischer.

When Fleischer resigned in 2003 for family reasons, McClellan, who was his top deputy, took over. At that time our president was at the height of popularity, and was just about to commence the Iraq war which, in his words, would bring freedom and democracy and all that to the middle east.

Then----the bottom fell out. The war did not bring freedom to Iraq, or democracy, or anything else--except more violence, that is. President Bush lost his post-9/11 poise and command and when the going got tough after he announced "victory" in May of 2003, he quickly turned into a man who would simply not acknowledge reality.

The job of presenting a good show of things fell to McClella, who was seemingly-optimistic face of an administration trying desperately to wish away the mess they created in Iraq as something entirely else.

That job involved discrediting enemies, particularily those within their own government such as former ambassador Joe Wilson. McClellan left around the time Vice-President Cheney's chief of staff was arrested for involvement in the Wilson affair.

Now, a few years later, the man who was the spokesman for all things Bush, has written a book telling why he left, after becoming disenchanted by the president whom he served for so long.

This is the first book about Bush written by an insider----that is, someone who actually was part of what happened, instead of a journalist merely reporting on what he was told.

McClellan's book has been the topic of much firestorming in the media merely because he dared to restate something that has been said all allong about our current occupation of Iraq.

On NBC McClellan said he knew the book "would spur reaction," but decided to write it in anyway in order to tell the public what he believes (and knows) really happened. This is an attempt, as he has said to make up for the way he spinned the public, as he said, from the White House Press podium.

Unlike former CIA Director George Tenet whose post-Bush administration "book" sought merely to blame others for events that he himself was partly responsible for, McClellan does not deny his complicity, but merely seeks to provide a clear account of what really happened, after previously serving as the pruveyor of so much distortion.


Anonymous said...

A Declaration of Withdrawal from the Republican Party

My reasons for leaving the Party that I’ve felt at home in since I became politically aware are numerous. I will start with quoting countless conservatives who feel as I do - I didn’t so much leave the Republican Party, it was the Party that left me. The elected Republican officials failed to implement a conservative agenda, despite having the Presidency and both houses of congress. No Child Left Behind, Prescription Drug Entitlements; they even tried to force Amnesty for illegal aliens upon us. They have given us a government that would make even LBJ blush. Our businesses and land have more regulatory red tape to deal with than ever.

Where is the Republican Party that stood for limited government, personal responsibility, a strong national defense, and against being the world’s policeman? As recently as the 90’s Republicans railed against a foreign policy of “making the world safe for democracy”, (which is historically the Democrats foreign policy, ala Woodrow Wilson) when Bill Clinton was President and he took us to war in Bosnia and Kosovo, without U.N. approval I might add. Which reminds me, the United Nations is something the GOP used to believe we needed to get out of, not an institution to be defended when a rogue nation violates U.N. resolutions.

I am also reminded of former Senator Robert Taft, who was known in his day as Mr. Republican, when he said “I do not believe any policy which has behind it the threat of military force is justified as part of the basic foreign policy of the United States except to defend the liberty of our own people” and my favorite President - Thomas Jefferson, who said “peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations, and entangling alliances with none.”

From its inception, the Republican Party advocated a humble foreign policy in line with our founding fathers recommendations, now, with John McCain as the leader and voice of the GOP, we are told to get behind his idea for a “League of Democracies” which sounds terrifyingly similar to Wilson and his Progressive Democrats “League of Nations” almost 100 years ago.

We are also being told by McCain that we will have to Cap and Trade our liberty and our pursuit of happiness in the fight against global warming, essentially that if we don’t give government more money and power, utopia will never be reached.

Some have told me that I should support him because he will appoint conservative judges, but I ask these questions - 1. Who’s definition of conservative are we talking about? And 2. Why would I trust the man on this issue when he is one of the “Gang of 14” who was blocking President Bush’s conservative lower federal court and Circuit Courts of Appeal judicial nominees? I would also remind you of his historical propensity to appease those even more liberal than himself. His version of “reaching across the aisle” looks more like a group hug when he crafts legislation like the McCain / Kennedy and McCain / Feingold bills. McCain / Feingold happens to be the reason McCain should not get the NRA’s endorsement, the NRA spent years fighting this trampling of our 1st amendment rights. McCain has not been the solid 2nd amendment supporter he would like you to believe he is - he had a barely passing “C” grade from the NRA in his last senate run in 04’ , and in 2000 worked with Americans for Gun Safety, an anti-gun group with a deceiving name.

The differences between McCain and Obama are minimal, when you consider that both believe big government can save you from yourself, and that we can save other nations from themselves as well. Given McCain’s track record of conciliatory dealings with Democrats, I fear what this man would do with a Democratic House and Senate. I will not play along with the game of lesser of two evils, as I believe that is part of what has plunged this nation into the mess we find ourselves today.

Once upon a time the Republican Party stood against special interests, corruption and abuse of power. Today their candidates campaign is “ of the lobbyist, by the lobbyist, for the lobbyist.” A man who admits Washington’s corruption has tainted him. Google Keating 5 and read all about it.

The Republican Party today would be unrecognizable to my favorite Republicans of yesterday, such as Barry Goldwater, who said “ A government that is big enough to give you everything you want is big enough to take it all away.” President Eisenhower, who warned us of the Military Industrial Complex, and one whose party membership is a surprise to many today but shouldn’t be, Martin Luther King Jr. “ Violence is a poor chisel for carving out peaceful tomorrows.” The party is just as unrecognizable to myself and others of my generation.

I had to draw a line in the sand, and the Republican Party wasted no time in crossing it, when they and the President pushed for “economic stimulus checks.” The only problem is this, the money isn’t money that we have, its money we are borrowing, and our excessive borrowing becomes a tax on future generations, as we wont be paying it off any time soon. Want to try to sell this as economically conservative? Excessive borrowing and spending has the added affect of devaluing our currency, so it acts as a hidden tax on us today. As I heard one of the presidential candidates say in regards to these stimulus checks, “ Whose economy are we stimulating here? Ours or Chinas? We are borrowing more money from China so everyone can go buy more stuff made in China.” I get it, others in the GOP get it, so why doesn’t the party leadership?

I can’t take anymore disrespect for conservative values, and unless the Republican Party wakes up and gets it’s head on straight real soon, I will be taking my vote, my time, energy, money, and passion from the GOP and taking it to the Libertarian Party to send a message to the Republican leadership that I will not be taken for granted. I believe that it is solid conservatism that wins the day and elections - limited government, individual responsibility, and a strong national DEFENSE (secure the borders!), not conciliation and surrender to Democrats to the point that our differences become blurry.

The Libertarian Party seems to be a perfect temporary home, the GOP has its work cut out if its sincere about winning me back, even President Reagan said “Libertarianism is the very heart and soul of conservatism.” I will be doing everything I can to sway like minded conservatives to join me in this exodus and vote for Bob Barr for President and Wayne Root for Vice President on the Libertarian ticket. Both of them were recently Republicans, and are among those countless conservatives I‘ve heard myself say “ It wasn’t that I left the Republican Party, it was the Party that left me.”

Please visit bobbarr2008.com and give conservatism a voice in the Presidential debates and beyond.

Thanks and God Bless, from Zak Carter

Anonymous said...

Amen brother. Don't forget George Washington's admonition to avoid foreign entanglements. The Merry Pranksters that engineered the Iraq war like Fieth and Wolfoqitz are agents of Israel. Bush and Cheney turned over the country to Sharon and Ohlmert. They persecute Catholics and ban priests from the Holy Land and send Americans to die for their Zionist idea which has been repudiated by most Jews. Is Sharon their Messiah or will Bibi Netanyahu pull the plug and demand Lazarus walk?

Anonymous said...

The only person who engineered the Iraq war, was Saddam. It is not some Zionist conspiracy. It is also false to say that Catholic Priests are banned in Israel. I know several Catholic Priests who went to Israel.