Monday, June 9, 2008

Who's The Enemy?


For those who do not believe that starting a war with Iran would be a very productive thing to do, then last week certainly did not bring much good news. Naturally, of course, the "question" of whether to attack Iran or not is being framed entirely by the GOP over which choice is better for Israel, and not whether such an attack would have anything to do with defending the security of the United States.

Why such a concern for Israel, you might ask? Well, all one must do to find the answer to that is to look at where John McCain spoke at on Monday June 2. On that day, McCain chose to speak at a gathering of AIPAC (American Israeli Public Affairs Committee), a very powerful pro-Israeli lobbying group which has lots and lots of money.

Such groups as these do much to influence the U.S. government's policy towards nations in the Middle east (such as Iran) by a skillful combination of lobbying pressure and well-placed campaign donations.

In fact, the power of AIPAC is so great that former Senator Fritz Hollings said before he retired that in all matters which concern Israel in any way, "You can't have [anything] other than what AIPAC gives you around here," such is the influence that the organization wields in Washington.

As McCain denounced Iran before AIPAC for merely pursuing what the U.S. and many other nations (such as China) already do, that is, a nuclear program, I noticed something quite peculiar about his premise.

Why is it that John McCain is taken seriously when he says that a nation like the U.S., with tens of thousands of nuclear weapons should be deathly afraid of, and make war with Iran, a country who can not even keep the lights on in its own capital city, let alone produce even one nuclear weapon?

McCain told AIPAC that even dialogue should be taken off the table with Iran, for that would mean "appeasing" a sponsor of terror who is "meddling" in our occupation of Iraq.

Forgetting the fact that we occupy both of Iran's next-door neighbors, something I am sure John McCain would not like Iran to do to us, let us consider the following.

In the past year, McCain's friend President Bush has sent diplomatic teams to negotiate with Iranian representatives, while the prime minister of Iraq, whom McCain supports unwaveringly, welcomed the President of Iran on his recent trip to Iraq, embracing him before the media, and kissing him on both cheeks.

Now, why would John McCain support these two men, but then go to AIPAC and denouce their very actions? Such is the power of the Israeli lobby.

Perhaps the most troubling part of this matter, is that McCain's whole basis for attacking Iran is because Iran has disobeyed regulations set forth by international "authorities," and threatened Israel. Never has McCain said how any of these actions threaten the national security of the United States in any way, which is what the Constitution says the president must defend first and foremost----not the security of Israel and the United Nations.

However, the Constitution is not a vested money interest, which gives the Washington creature McCain no cause to obey its dictates. He professes to be a friend of Israel, yet refuses to allow it to act like a sovereign nation and defend itself, insisting that the U.S. must take responsibility for such things instead.

At a Presidential debate last year, McCain called anti-war candidate Ron Paul an "isolationist," yet it is McCain who refuses to even talk with those he disagrees with, which, although, not pleasant, is a fact of life which even George W. Bush acknowledges at times.

Israel is a sovereign nation with hundreds of nuclear weapons and is more than capable of defending itself against wannabe tough guys such as the president of Iran.

The U.S. should stop treating Israel as if it were a poor, helpless child with no way or means of defending itself. John McCain says that Iran is creating "disorder" in the Middle east, as it is now the biggest power in the region.

Due to the fact that we took out Saddam in 2003, a power vacuum was created, which Iran promptly filled, making itself the next cool guy on the block.

What McCain proposes by making war on Iran is to compound a bad situation which we created, by creating even more problems for ourselves for us to deal with.

If we are to keep on making war with every country we find annoying, where does it end? Our military can not possibly fight all the new wars which John McCain has promised he will create, while, at the same time, keeping up with the wars that they have been given by George W. Bush.

The question of money is also raised by this predicament. How is John McCain going to pay for his plan to invade half the world? Hillary Clinton once said that, if she were president, there would be no way to pay for all the things she wanted to do, a fact which is equally applicable to John McCain. America needs us president who will follow the Constitution and defend our national security, not one who will use our soldiers and our wallets in order to beat up Israel's bullies.

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