Sunday, July 6, 2008

American Revolution

Congressman Ron Paul realizes that America's problems will not be solved by continuing the endless wars and massive government of George W. Bush, but rather, by pursuing a far different course.

If you have not visited the website for The Campaign For Liberty, (Ron Paul's New Political Action Committee), then I would highly encourage you to do so.

Congressman Paul has established this campaign primarily to elect like-minded constitutionalist candidates to Congress. A fine outgrowth of this effort is "Freedom Slate," a website set up by a Paul supporter where you can donate to any of the 2 dozen or so candidates running for Congress under a "small government" platform, such as what Ronald Reagan ran on in 1980.

The two major party candidates running for President are louses who do not care and will do not anything to solve the problems our country. Instead of bemoaning our country's situation, we must be doing all we can to fight it---for complacency must be "shattered," as an old Russian writer once said, in order for us to accomplish the goal we have at hand.

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