Monday, November 17, 2008

"Not The Future"

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As could be expected, the Republican Governor's meeting was more disappointing than not,
merely an elaborate forum for presidential wannabees Perry, Palin, Crist, and Pawlenty to fight over media attention.

No one was able to offer any real explanation for John McCain's recent destruction. Governor Rick Perry of Texas blaimed it on earmarks. Governor Crist of Florida blamed it on those "divisive" social issues, and Governor Pawlenty, true to form, said it was all the fault of global warming.

However, some good did come out of the meeting, as the GOP governors refused to gather around Sarah Palin as the party's next leader, even if only to keep their own prospects alive.

As inexperienced and unsubstantial on the issues as she may be, Sarah Palin is still gearing up to make a run for 2012 and gaining the support of the GOP leadership would have been highly beneficial to locking up her wannabe status as the "heir" to John McCain.

Much of what Sarah Palin supporters cite as the reasons for voting for her President has little or nothing to do with sustantive issues. I do not feel compelled to vote for someone whose main qualifications, according to her backers, seem to be that she is woman and that she did not have an abortion.

This may be because her qualifications are so severly lacking.

Being governor of a state of 600,000 residents for less than two years does not qualify one to be President, much less the party nominee. Other than Governor, the only other job in which Sarah Palin served was as mayor of a town of 6,000!

No voter should feel confident in such an inexperienced person being chief-executive of one of the largest countries on earth.

Mike Huckabee was governor of Arkansas for almost 11 years besides being Lieutenant-Governor for two years, also. He is, by far, the most experienced of the 2012 Republican candidates and is just the man to run against the inexperienced and untested Obama. Fighting an unqualified president with an unqualified candidate such as Sarah Palin will not achieve the results that our party needs in 2012.


Lee Strong said...

I worked for Huckabee in 2007/8, and I am looking forward to 2012. I think he has a real chance. I liked some of what Palin brought to the campaign, but Huckabee outshines her in terms of knowledge and depth.

Larry said...

Actually, I like Sarah Palin, but when compared to Mike Huckabee, well there is no comparison. As you said, Huckabee is by far the most experienced candidate the GOP could put forward in 2012 and what's more, he has a record of actually getting things done.

Anonymous said...

To be sure, Mr. Huckabee does have over 11 years experience as Governor and is certainly qualified for the job. I further admire Mr. Huckabee's Pro-Life position and I have no regrets supporting him in the 2008 primary. However, I am quite disappointed in some elements in the Huckabee camp that feel the need to trash Mrs. Palin. It is down right insulting to say that Mrs. Palin's only qualification is that she did not have an Abortion. I hope you are not making fun of her for having the courage to choose Life. She may be a Governor of a small state, but she is nevertheless the best Governor in our country (maybe the Hemisphere) and a true Conservative. I further find it distasteful that people feel the need to dismiss her community as just 6000. Just because I live in a city that is bigger Mrs. Palin's does not make me a better person or more qualified for anything. Mrs. Palin was among those who served her country and Conservatism during the campaign and she is worthy of our respect. I for one suspect she won't end up running in 2012, but regardless, she is worthy of our respect, not our trashing.

I am not going to debate the fact that people like Mr. Huckabee have more experience than Mrs. Palin. However, experience is not everything. In Sunday's Gospel, GOD had just as much respect for the person with two talents than the person with five talents, we need to respect Mrs. Palin for doubling her two talents, not trash her.

Since we lost the election, we have given up the right to choose the best candidate. I for one will chose the candidate that is most likely to beat Mr. Obama in 2012 regardless of his or her policies. If the most viable candidate is Mr. Huckabee, fine, if it happens to be Mr. Romney fine, it is happens to be somebody else fine. However, by trashing Mrs. Palin, the Huckabee camp is off to a poor start.

Peter, I frankly the find it interesting that you make fun of Mr. Pawlenty's environmentalism, (which is fine) but you fail to mention that Mrs. Palin's is a great promoter of Energy Independence. The game of trying to play both ends against the middle is not going unnoticed.


Lee Strong said...

"I do not feel compelled to vote for someone whose main qualifications, according to her backers, seem to be that she is woman and that she did not have an abortion."

I do agree: Auch a sentiment is offensive and insulting.

However, this is not the position of Huckabee supporters. Most like Palin - just don't feel she is as qualified as Huckabee. After McCain picked her, many Huckabee supporters backed his ticket. Just check out the discussion at sites like Huck's Army. They were enthusiastic about her.

I think she was far more qualified than some people argued - but did have some gaps. My view was that if elected she would have grown into the position. Overall, I think she helped McCain's ticket.

Anonymous said...

Thank Lee Strong for your decency. I am glad to know that there are still many Huckabee supporters like you who do respect Mrs. Palin. Again, I have no regrets supporting Mr. Huckabee in 2008 and despite the fact that I think that Mrs. Palin is a better Conservative on balance than Mr. Huckabee, I will certainly not argue against Mr. Huckabee's qualifications. It just bothers me when people insult Mrs. Palin.

As of now, I do officially support anybody for 2012, I just want the best possible person who can beat Mr. Obama.


JARNCO5 said...

Arlen Spector, Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe are proven Rino's and not conservatives at all