Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Are You a Kennedy?

The gushing media has reported this week that Caroline Kennedy "wants" Hillary Clinton's old Senate seat, which, in keeping with modern demise of the American political system, seems to have become a mere commodity to be handed down from one wealthy family to another.

For what qualification does Caroline Kennedy deserve to be appointed as the newest Federal representative from New York? Apparently, as was shown with Mrs. Clinton, it does not matter if one is qualified to be Senator from the Empire State if there other extenuating circumstances involved.

According to the mayor of New York City, Caroline must be given the Senate seat because she "can do anything," and if one has read a single newspaper narrative over the last two weeks, one would know that since Caroline's uncle Bobby was a Senator, she is eminently qualified to be one herself.

The Constitution outlawed "titles of nobility" precisely to eliminate this type of situation, so that people in this country would be judged on their own achievements, not by their last name and famous relatives.

The fact that the Governor of New York, Daivd Paterson, is even considering Caroline Kennedy for the open Senate seat while passing over scores of more-qualified individuals, serves to show that he is incompetent to hold office and must be thrown out in 2010 by the voters of New York. Like Hillary Clinton before her, Caroline Kennedy has no experience in government whatsoever and we, the beleaguered people of New York do not deserve to have another unqualified Senator thrust upon us who requires on the job training.

If Caroline is indeed appointed to the Senate which, considering the incompetency of our Governor, is more than likely to happen, she will face a tremendous hurdle in two years when she must run for election, most probably against my own Congressman, The Honorable Peter King, who, as usual in New York politics, has been a lone voice of level-headedness, pointing out that Caroline has no "hereditary right to a senate seat from New York State" and will not be warmly received by voters tired of politicians using New York Senate seats solely for their own personal gain.


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas everyone!


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Anonymous said...

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