Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Dream is Shattered

Happy Birthday Blago!!!

Like most of the media, ABC News is now pining for those winsome days of old when their responsibility to the public was nil and they could stand "starry-eyed" and "transfixed," admiring the great and majestic Obama alongside the rest of us.

Therefore, the "little anticipated" arrest of Governor Rod R. Blagojevich came as a great shock to the media who, as good as feigning shock as anyone, is mortified at how their modern-day "Camelot" has been tarnished with the unseemly arrest of someone so politically close to Barack Obama, the media's lord and saviour.

Governor Rod R. Blagojevich has a history of being investigated by the Feds starting in 2005 with the Illinois Tollway Oasis scandal, which was followed by the corrupt hiring practices investigation of 2006. Apparently, Blagojevich should have quit while he was ahead, for when one is under multiple investigations by U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald, laying off the corruption for a while is a highly advisable move to make.

Beyond the bad publicity taking the shine of the surface of his formerly squeaky clean media image, the impact "is far from certain," according to the Associated Press. If nothing else, it will throw him off message, derailing an agenda that had already been doomed by the re-election of Senator Saxby Chambliss in Georgia.

However, it is still not certain that any of Obama's advisers may not be involved in this scandal, which would not do much to help bring about the "change" that Obama so often proclaims.

More court documents are expected to follow shortly.


Anonymous said...

Fitzgerald has already said Obama is not linked to Blado... but thanks for playing...

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter. The bad publicity counts for everything.