Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Saxby Seals It


I like to think of the GOP as a family, firmly committed to taking care of its members, whether they be politicians, or your average ordinary constituent. For when one member of a family is in trouble--anyone of the other members can be next.

It was most heartening, then, to see Saxby Chambliss properly dispose of Democrat Jim Marton 58 percent to 42 percent in the Georgia Senate runoff on tuesday night, thus insuring a filibuster-worthy Republican minority in the Senate.

Much can be gleaned from this victory.

Besides proclaiming a clear simple message, instead of engaging in the usual trash-talking with his opponent that so many politicians often stoop down to, Saxby received enthusiastic campaign assistance from 2012 presidential frontrunner Mike Huckabee, plus the obligatory stumping form the temporarily re-formed McCain/Palin duo.

Contrast this with Jim Martin's campaign, which received little to no assistance from Democratic heavyweights, (paging Barack Obama!), even though we are told every day by the vainglorious odd couple of Pelosi and Reid that the Democrats really really want that supermajority.

Perhaps the Democrats did not send one of their stars to campaign in Georgia because they realize the backlash that would have occurred. After all, Democrats only get elected when the Republicans fail to do their job, not because voters wake up on election day and decide that they just gotta' have a donkey in the White House and in Congress.

The Republicans know this, of course, and after shedding some deadweight in the last two elections (Lincoln Chafee? Ted Stevens?) they are in the process of becoming the lean mean opposition that will be needed to insure a swift and painful death to the socialism that is soon to come from the White House.


Attar said...

1. Nothing was really proved either way. The GOP merely showed they could hold a seat in their own region. Given the mess Bush is leaving Obama had better things to do than help contest a safe GOP seat. If I was a Republican & Chambliss lost I would have been very worried.

2. Considering the horrendous hatchet job Chambliss did on a triple amputee war vet in his last election (a campaign that McCain condemened) he owed his state and people a clean campaign.

3. The 60 was always a mythic number. There would always a chance of a couple of conservative Democrats peeling off as there would be a chance of a couple of moderate Republicans joining with the Democrats. Given Obama's centrist government that is reaching out to both sides, the latter actually seems more probable.

4. Given the stark nature of the times I would suggest you remain the loyal opposition but do what you can to help the current administration succeed. We need to pull together, perhaps still disagree, not fight at these trying times. To do less would be un-American...

Anonymous said...

Maybe you haven't noticed that the blog title GOPCatholics not DemocratCatholics.

e said...

I am so glad to see that the liberal illuminati's super majority was blocked!